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The Call to Ministry of Pastor Kelly Hall

One does not choose the ministry! A pastor is chosen. Chosen by God for God’s purposes, in God’s time and place, and serves him in God’s way.  Henry T. Blackaby  

You never know who or how God calls people into ministry. All throughout scriptures we can read stories of God calling faithful men and women at all ages into Kingdom service.

A number of years ago, one of our faithful church members, Kristi Hall, was taken to Hershey hospital for life threatening blood clots and other issues. For many weeks, it was touch and go if she would make it through another surgery, through another… Continue reading


Last month I shared with you the need of each one of our church family to “get connected” in a ministry of the church. From Isaiah 6:8, the Lord asked, “Who shall I send,” Isaiah said, “Here I am Lord, send me”.

I hope you have been praying about how God could use you to share in the ministries. Next week in the church bulletin, is a list of ways you can get involved in serving. I ask that you take the list and seek direction from the Lord in what ministry you could assist with in our church.

Since the month of July is knocking on the door, I want to focus on a special need in our children’s… Continue reading


We have been enjoying our new Connection Center for the past two months. Little details are still being wrapped up as with any construction project, people are still trying to figure out what light switch works which light, new keys are about to be issued, and parents are learning how to register their children and which classroom their children attends. It is exciting to see people getting “connected” in fellowship and with Jesus.

Getting our children and teens connected with Jesus in a fresh and safe environment has been the primary goal of the new center. To fulfill this goal, we need many volunteers to teach classes, assist teachers, to register children, and to care for the infants and toddlers… Continue reading

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